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Tongue Tanglers™ is a hilarious tongue-twister party game for up to 12 players. We don’t give you tongue-twisters to say - you create them for the your opponents from a set of cards.

Simple to play but tough to say, each player draws a card and places it into any position on any other player’s word pad. That player must now say their new tongue-twister as many times as they can in 10 seconds. Each successful read scores a point, but any mistake (and they’re usually funny!) ends the turn. So read slowly, or read fast, one mistake will be your last!

Tongue Tanglers includes card tray, 12 word pads, scoring markers, timer, instructions, and cards containing over 900 words specially selected for hours of hilarious party fun. 2-12 players, ages 8 to adult.


2008 iParenting Media Award