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Spicy Dice™ is not just a game - it's a set of unique, custom pearlized dice with which you can play many great games. Each of the 24 Spicy Dice is unique - there are four sets of 6, and each die has a different face marked in red. The 16-page cardstock book includes six new games specifically for Spicy Dice. You can also use the dice to "spice up" the rules of any game that uses ordinary dice by giving the red numbers special powers - the book shows you how.

Can you invent the next great Spicy Dice game? Enginuity will purchase and publish the best new game submitted as part of our Spicy Dice Game Inventor Competition in the next edition of the book.

Includes book, 24 custom dice, 8 scoring markers. 2-4 players, ages 8-adult.