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Linx is the game of really, really, long chains. The object is simple - to connect any two of the four cards on the table with a chain of cards. Each card in the chain must be connected to itís neighbor by either a matching number or a matching symbol.

Start by shuffling the playing cards and scoring cards separately. Deal four playing cards and 3 scoring cards face up on the table, and 10 playing cards to each player. Players draw and discard at their turn, as in gin rummy.

Any player who can lay down a chain of cards connecting any two of the four cards on the table takes the scoring card corresponding to the length of the chain. The longer the chain, the higher the score. Once connected by a chain, the cards on the table are replaced with new cards, keeping the challenge fresh.

Linx comes with 81 colorful playing cards plus 29 scoring cards (110 cards in all) and instructions in an equally colorful metal tin.

2003 Parents' Choice Recommended
2003 Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence