Every year we receive numerous requests from game inventors requesting help with a game that they have invented.

We have launched the Spicy Dice Game Inventor Competition, and you can find details of the competition on this site.
Other than this competition, we are not currently looking for any outside game submissions.

Here are a few resources for game inventors:

Andy Daniel, president of Enginuity Games, has put together his Top Ten List of advice for inventors.
You can also see a copy of a slideshow that Andy  presented at a meeting of Inventor's Alliance.
If you need one, a free PowerPoint viewer is available from Microsoft.

Each year the Toy & Game Inventor's Forum brings together game company executives and game inventors.

A group called Discover Games offers many resources for game inventors and small game publishers.

There are several books on game inventing including:
The Game Inventor's Handbook by Stephen Peek and Cynthia S. Kirkland
The Toy & Game Inventor's Handbook by Richard C. Levy and Ronald O. Weingartner
The Toy & Game Inventor's Guidebook by Brian Tinsman
The Toy & Game Inventor's Guide by Gregory J. Battersby and Charles W. Grimes